Project Description

Total budget: 4.999.380 €
Duration: 42 MESES
The general objective of the project is the automation and robotisation of road maintenance operations, reducing action times, improving safety and sustainability.
Eiffage’s role within the project is that of demonstrator of extraordinary actions in pavement maintenance operations, specifically, milling and replacement actions.
In this project we will work to develop automation and information systems for paving and mixing compaction.
The technological objectives would be: automation of the adhesion irrigation application equipment, instrumentation of paving equipment (temperatures, GPS, etc.) and compaction (temperatures, GPS, compaction control and macrotexture). The information and data obtained will go to a platform (together with that relating to other demonstrators) where the monitoring data and the results of their evaluation can be observed. For this purpose, a test section will be carried out with a semi-hot AUTL mix with conventional bitumen plus tyre dust and milled at 15-20%.

This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. Grant agreement no. 955269.