Eiffage Construction has been selected to carry out the construction of the Bus-VAO lane between Sevilla and Salteras, with the aim of significantly improving connectivity and the speed of connections in the region.

This project, called Section I, will span a length of 3.5 kilometers, extending from Plaza de Armas in Sevilla to the roundabout at PK 2+350 on the A-8077 road in Castilleja de Guzmán, en route to Salteras.

The main actions to be carried out in this section include the provision of bus lanes on the existing platform through reconfiguration, as well as the establishment of central reversible lanes. Furthermore, the platform on the A-8077 will be expanded to include a third central bus lane, with the construction of two new roundabouts. An independent platform for buses will also be constructed, with a width of 4 meters plus 1 meter of shoulders, along with the adaptation and expansion of an existing underpass beneath Avenida Carlos III.

The project includes the construction of a new overpass over the SE-510 road and the demolition of expropriated properties affected by the new route. The remodeling of three existing roundabouts on the A-8077 road will also be carried out, along with the construction of a new roundabout to replace a T-junction. Finally, remodeling work will be done on the existing accesses to the new Bus-VAO platform.

Undoubtedly, this project represents an important step towards improving transportation infrastructure in the region, offering citizens a more efficient and sustainable option for traveling between Sevilla and Salteras.

Eiffage Construcción is proud to have been selected to carry out this crucial project, reaffirming its commitment to the development of quality infrastructure that benefits the community and improves the quality of life of citizens.