The automated bulk terminal of Eiffage Infraestructuras in the port of Alicante will be operational at the beginning of next year

The councillor Arcadi España met yesterday with the president of the Port Authority of Alicante and thegeneral manager of Eiffage Infraestructuras to see first hand the project for the construction of the public solid bulk terminal on quay 17 of the port of Alicante.

Eiffage Infraestructuras has a strong presence in the Valencian Community where its industrial activity is highest, with a production of more than 4M MT in 2020 between aggregates, concrete and asphalt agglomerate. It is also a leader in the export of bulk materials, mainly through the treatment of calcium carbonate from the recycling of rubble and waste from marble extraction in the province, which at the same time helps the sustainability of this strategic and key sector in the local and regional economy.

Following this great implementation in the Community, Eiffage Infraestructuras opted to take on the Bulk Terminal project in the Port of Alicante, where the society has been calling for more than a decade for a closed terminal for the export of this type of materials due to the proximity of the Port and the City of Alicante.

It should be noted that the Construction Project presented by Eiffage has undergone significant changes with respect to the original project. The initial investment has almost doubled in order to create a fully automated terminal, with the aim of further minimising emissions to the exterior, as well as avoiding the work of personnel inside the building. These changes are in line with the Eiffage Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility principles regarding the protection of the environment and the health and integrity of its employees.

In short, a very special project for what it means for the city of Alicante and the economic activity of the entire province and the Autonomous Community itself, and which is definitely a challenge for Eiffage Infraestructuras. Eiffage Infraestructuras expects to start operations at its new bulk solids terminal on quay 17 of the port of Alicante at the beginning of next year.