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The main priority has been to improve the user experience, offering a more intuitive navigation. .– To achieve this, the navigation structure has been simplified, with a main menu that offers a quick and easy overview of all the company’s activities. The new portal has a cleaner, more modern look, high-contrast fonts and sharper images.

Mockup página proyectos web Eiffage Infraestructuras
Mockup noticias página web Eiffage Infraestructuras

Eiffage Infraestructuras launches its new corporate website with a commitment to provide more information and improve interaction with customers, suppliers and the general public. The creation of the website has been common and transversal project, with the consensus and exhaustive participationof the business managers and their collaborators,with the aim of creating an effective website, which enhances each of the businesses within Eiffage Infraestructuras. To this end, we have worked in an interactive process with the different businesses, through a two-way relationship in which they have expressed their opinions and needs, actively participating in the monitoring, control and evolution of the website.

The creation process of the new corporate website has been led by the HR and Communication Department, which has involved a comparative analysis of the competition, qualitative interviews and various discussion groups with each of the areas. In addition, all the guidelines for the design and monitoring of the Group’s graphic charter were followed, supported by the communication department of Eiffage Route (France).

Finally, Micoco Graphics, together with the IT department of Eiffage Infraestructuras, has been the agency in charge of providing external support throughout the process, which has included, among other phases, the conceptualisation, design and layout under the Group’s style guide.

Users now have at a trilingual website in Spanish, English and French, where they can search and learn all about our company, Eiffage Infraestructuras.