Eiffage Infraestructuras and Club Baloncesto Ilicitano Elche have signed a sponsorship agreement that will unite both entities for this season. In a simple ceremony held at the iconic corporate headquarters of Eiffage Infraestructuras in Elche, the Concrete Director Reinaldo Capote and Andrés Laguia, the Club’s president, have sealed the deal.

During the event, Andrés Laguia expressed gratitude for Eiffage Infraestructuras’ commitment to CBI Elche and highlighted the importance of “support from private companies that identify with the sports and social project carried out by this Club in the city.” On his part, Reinaldo Capote reiterated the importance of sports, stating, “It allows us to put into practice values deeply rooted in the Group, such as discipline, personal growth, teamwork spirit, and coexistence.” He also wished good luck and many successes to the Elche club in the upcoming season.

The sponsorship will entail the presence of the Eiffage Infraestructuras logo on the back of the jerseys of the National Women’s Team and the Junior Men’s Team, as well as collaboration with one of the 12 nonprofit associations in Elche chosen by the Club.

CBI Elche is a basketball club committed to a triple impact approach, emphasizing social responsibility, sports performance, and innovation. The CBI Elche aims to provide a platform for athletes to develop and thrive while contributing to the community and promoting a love for basketball. Additionally, the Club supports 12 nonprofit associations in Elche, each of which will have a game featuring the first team throughout the season to raise funds for their respective causes, thus merging a passion for sports with a strong commitment to community well-being.