The Ministry of Development of the Andalusian Regionalawarded Eiffage Infraestructuras the construction project to eliminate the almost daily traffic jams at the exit of the hyper-ring road with Alhaurín de la Torre, in the province of Málaga. The goal was to “safeguard road safety both on the main A-7 highway and on the current connecting road, as well as to alleviate the congestion at the roundabout that causes serious delays on all access ramps.”

The project will allow the completion of the duplication of the roadway of the connecting road from the roundabout at P.K. 230 of the A-7 highway to the roundabout intersection of the A-7052 and A-404 roads, and the creation of new direct link ramps from the A-404 road to the connecting road and from the connecting road to the A-7052 road. This will undoubtedly improve the permeability of all urban and industrial centers in the Guadalhorce Valley to and from Málaga Airport.

According to studies of the average daily intensity, the area affected by the now scheduled interventions absorbs an average of 26,000 vehicles every day.

In addition to this A-404 project, there are also works to improve the urban section of Coín on the same A-404 (from Coín to Churriana). This is a stretch of the A-404 road that has experienced an increase in the average daily intensity of vehicles in recent years, leading to an increase in accidents and infrastructure degradation. This project involves widening and improving road safety in a specific 2.70 km stretch.

The intervention involves widening and improving the section with the complete replacement of the embankment and pavement in the expansion area, as well as the final pavement layer on the entire roadway. Similarly, the protection and conditioning of the adjacent slopes and existing drainage are carried out.

As a complementary measure, two roundabouts are implemented at the intersection with the A-355 road to provide fluidity, convenience, and safety for traffic circulation. In this regard, a new roundabout is also planned halfway through the route (approximately at P.K. 1+300 on the projected axis).