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Eiffage Infraestructuras será la encargada de llevar a cabo la Eiffage Infraestructuras will be in charge of the “REMODELING PHASE 5 OF THE PEATONALIZATION OF THE TESIFONTE GALLEGO, MARQUÉS DE MOLINS, PLAZA DEL ALTOZANO AND PASEO DE LA LIBERTAD STREETS IN ALBACETE”.

The works consist in the improvement of the pedestrian accessibility and safety conditions by paving sidewalks, resurfacing roadways, as well as renewing the current street lighting, adapting horizontal and vertical signage, and improving public furniture. In addition, a bituminous mix with modified bitumen has been chosen for the road surface to significantly reduce “the noise produced by traffic”.

These actions will constitute a transformation of the city and make part of Albacete’s strategy against pollution, reducing the use of private vehicles and giving more space to pedestrians. As the mayor said, the objective of this project is “to promote pedestrian mobility, the use of bicycles and urban transport”.

With the primary aim of minimize the impact of the works on the environment, while maintaining accessibility, Eiffage Infraestructurashas proposed the execution of the work in three sections:

  • – Section 1:Paseo de la Libertad.
  • – Section 2:Tesifonte Gallego Street (between Tinte St and Mayor St), Marqués de Molins Street (between Mayor St. and Altozano Square) and Altozano Square.
  • – Section 3: Tesifonte Gallego (between Gabriel Lodares Square and Tinte St.). The intersections of Dionisio Guardiola, Tinte, Gaona, Mayor and Concepción Streets are included in the scope of action and must be adapted to the final proposal to be executed in Tesifonte Gallego and Marqués de Molins Streets.
  • – Budget; 4.265.222,94 €.
  • – Company: Eiffage Infraestructuras, S.A.U.
  • – Execution period: 7 months.
Plano de las obras de peatonalización del centro de albacete