We promote sustainable development with a comprehensive project that benefits the community and highlights the natural beauty of the area.

Alicante, a city that blends history, sea, and nature, has taken an important step towards promoting sustainable mobility and enjoying the coastal environment with the creation of the new Greenway of Alicante. This initiative marks the second life of the old route of the Alicante train along the coast, now converted into a greenway for pedestrian and bicycle use.

The Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works, and Mobility has awarded Eiffage Infraestructuras the contract for the conversion of what will be the first greenway with a route literally on the beachfront. The project has a budget of 1.9 million euros.

The Greenway of Alicante will extend over 1.2 kilometers, with an additional 250 meters of bike lane, offering a unique route along the beachfront. This strategic design will allow users to enjoy stunning views of the Bay of Alicante while immersing themselves in a natural and sustainable environment.

The project will incorporate three rest areas along the greenway, designed as viewpoints for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the maritime landscape. Additionally, lighting and urban furniture will be implemented at key points, accompanied by landscaped areas that will enhance the user experience. To ensure safety and comfort, new accesses will be opened in the two longest tunnels, with openings serving as windows to provide natural light and promote ventilation.

La Cantera Greenway, which starts at the end of the promenade on the northern coastal front, is a clear example of how the conversion of an old railway platform can add value to the city’s heritage.

Eiffage Infrastructures, committed to sustainability and conscious mobility, celebrates the opportunity to lead a project that merges respect for the environment with improving the quality of life for the residents of Alicante.